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Eventing is a service industry, and like any other service company, Customer Service is of paramount importance. Disney terms this Guestology - the art and science of understanding its visitors, and it begins with the notion that your visitors are GUESTS NOT customers.

I have learnt a great deal from Disney's strategies on customer service, and have in turn been inspired to improve FROG's own customer service.

Here are my top 3 Disney Strategies on customer service, I hope they will add as much value to you as they have for me and FROG:


Disney trains their employees in what they call the Four Keys: Safety, Courtesy, Show, and Efficiency, ordered by their IMPORTANCE.

Crucially, Courtesy with guests comes before Show, meaning that employees should always be friendly and engaging (not simply polite) with guests regardless of their employment role.

Courtesy and Show are also placed ahead of efficiency (within limits), meaning that till workers in theme parks will often be allowed to freely converse with guests during their interaction, which may make the queue take longer but makes up for it with the service the guest receives.


Magic Moments, also known as Take 5s, are a customer service technique which are designed as small events or gifts intended to surprise and exceed the guests's expectations all in order to increase happiness.

Examples might include giving guests free Fastpass tickets, a small gift, a badge button (birthday, anniversary badges), or free upgrades to purchases.

Employees are trained to seize opportunities to do something special for Guests, and they are called Take 5s because they blow the guests minds in less than 5 minutes. Think of them as a real-life versions of those random acts of kindness.

Employees are not only trained to look for Take 5 opportunities, but are heldACCOUNTABLE for making them happen.


Another technique in maintaining guest happiness is to treat all guests equally, or at the very least minimize the visibility of inequality. The appearance of other guests getting special treatment may often impact the happiness of other guests.Exceeding guests' expectations should be a standard call to duty. It should show in a restaurant hostesses willingness to provide not only directions when a guest is lost but to leave her post to guide the guest to their destination.

Every guest is VIP, and if the goal is to welcome everyone and treat them better than they expect, you cannot help but be successful.

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